For Parents

What are Trips and Expeditions?

Trips and Expeditions are new offerings through Rising Appalachia geared towards making use of the natural wealth and the opportunities it affords us in Appalachia. Geared towards building the hard skills necessary to take on adventure recreation, trips and expeditions expose participants to local parks, rivers, and wilderness areas under the supervision and instruction of qualified guides.

Who Leads Trips?

Trip leaders vary by the trip offered, but every trip will be run with 2 staff who hold applicable qualifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue, Lifeguard, and other certifications and experience as they apply to the trip at hand. We hire professional guides with years of experience to ensure that your child is in competent hands at all times.

What gets taught on trips?

With an emphasis on providing skills that participants can take home with them, our first priority on trips is providing the knowledge necessary for safe participation in the activities offered. Whether that means self rescue in the case of a canoe capsizing, or how to write a time control plan that includes evacuation options in case of inclement weather, or even basic first aid it is our first priority to ensure that participants are capable of understanding the risks inherent in adventure activities and how to safely navigate them. We will also cover hard skills such as wilderness navigation, back country cooking, and proper technique for environmentally conscious camping and travel. Our trips are designed so that participants leave with a solid foundation to build on for bringing outdoor recreation into their everyday lives. We also give participants time in the day to reflect and work on practicing their social skills with lessons on expedition behavior, understanding their environmental impacts, and how to be in touch with nature through understanding their relationship with plants, wildlife, and the land itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Trip Leaders Qualified?

Every trip comes with its own requirements for staff. At minimum, you can expect staff to carry a Wilderness First Responder, which is an advanced medical certification that deals specifically with the challenges of back country medicine including prevention and treatment while outside the reach of a medical facility.

Our Trip Leaders carry qualifications suited to the trip they are running, ranging from swift water rescue, to training from the American Canoe Association, combined with multiple years experience guiding in the field.

Safety is our number one concern while on trips, and we choose leaders who have proven skills managing the safety and well being of our participants so we can focus on fun, adventure, and environmental education.

What Will My Child Need on Trips?

Rising Appalachia has high quality gear we provide to participants. We will cover all the group gear such as tents, stoves, cooking pots, and more.

Participants need only bring the following:

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Appropriate Clothing

  • Appropriate Footwear

  • Personal Hygiene Products

  • Flashlight

  • Personal Utensils and Bowl for Meals

See the full packing list here

Don't have an item? Don't worry. Let us know and we'll get the gear you need provided for you.

Can I Contact My Child During Trips?

Trips and Expeditions are Unplugged. Phones are expensive, and nature is unforgiving. During Trips and Expeditions we're looking to build on the sense of independence for our participants and teach them that life goes on away from the screen.

Trip Leaders will have phones on their person, though reception is not guaranteed, and to conserve battery for emergency situations phones will only be checked once per night. In an emergency, you can contact the On Call staff member announced via pre-trip email who will get in touch with trip leaders.

What if I Have More Questions?

Easy! We're a small organization, and that means we're easy to get a hold of. You can call our Executive Director at:


Or send an email to:

We're always happy to talk camp and hear your questions.