Camp Offerings

First Time Considering RAW? Check out For Parents for a Detailed Overview of what camp is like.


RAW Camp is committed to providing a safe place for our children and our community. We are acting within the orders of Governor DeWine and adding in our own stringent policies to monitor and assess the safety and viability of camp each day. In response to COVID-19 we have reduced the capacity of camps, will have hand washing stations throughout camp, perform temperature screenings at drop off, and will keep group sizes under 9 and separate throughout the day among other measures such as staggered drop off and pickup times, camper lunches, and activities. For more information feel free to reach out through our contact page.

Use the table to view the camps, dates, and rates. Below are detailed descriptions of each camp.

Camps run from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday.


Overnights are an additional offering in 2020 which will be hosted right after camps ages 8 and up from Friday into Saturday morning. Tents and equipment will be provided except for a sleeping bag and personal items such as flash light and toiletries. Dinner and breakfast will also be included. Space will be limited by sleeping arrangements appropriate for gender and age. Overnights are an additional $60

Multi-Week Discounts

Campers attending for more than one week will receive a $15 discount for each additional week.


Camps run from 8:30am to 3:30pm with aftercare available until 5pm. Aftercare signup options are included on the registration form and are an additional $50.

Family Camp

May 31 to June 4

$50 per person

Come out and enjoy RAW with your children and family from 5:30pm - 9pm. Each evening we will provide a dinner from local caterers, activities designed with full families in mind, and guided eco-tours of the farm. Be ready for mud, kickball, and all manner of running, moving, and playing like you haven't done since you were a kid yourself.

RAW Leaders Camp

June 7 to June 11

$400 For Youth ages 13 and up

*Due to the low attendance size and increased cost of running an overnight trip, non refundable deposits for RAW Leaders will be 50% of the cost of tuition, or $200 to be made within two weeks of registration excepting scholarship application or agreement made with the Executive Director

RAW Leaders takes our 13 and up campers and provides them with a summer long leadership experience. Leaders week will be chock full of training similar to what staff receive with an emphasis on team building and empathic leadership skills. Also included is an overnight paddling trip on the Hocking River. Upon completion of this week, participants can come back out at no additional charge as a Counselor in Training (CIT) for all camps 12 and under to have fun and assist in delivering camp to the next generation.

Young Warriors Day Camp

June 21 to June 25

$200 For youth ages 6 – 10

Young Warriors Day Camp is an introduction to the RAW experience, featuring movement and martial arts, survival and outdoor living skills, sword fighting, obstacle courses, gardening and cooking skills, arts and crafts, and outdoor fun and adventure. This is a great week for young campers to acquaint with RAW and what we do, as well as expand their comfort zone and enjoy the natural world we live in.

RAW Eco Warriors Camp

June 28 to July 2

$200 For youth ages 6 - 10

RAW Eco Warrior Camp is five days of fun outside participating with nature through exploration and hands-on learning. Participants will engage in farm life, interacting with livestock and preparing food outdoors. They will learn about ecosystems, identify and use plants, discover interesting animals and their habitats, and enjoy playing in creeks and ponds. Of course there will be slip and slides, sword fights, and all the fun of RAW camp.

RAW Young Adventure Camp

July 5 to July 9

$250 For youth ages 6-12

*Due to the increased cost and rigidity of outside contracting, non refundable deposits for Adventure camps will be 50% of the cost of tuition, or $125 per camper to be made within two weeks of registration excepting scholarship application or agreement made with the Executive Director

After some training, guidance, and preparation, participants embark on a series of mini adventures, including scavenger hunts, wilderness treks, and role playing adventures involving swords, obstacle courses, martial arts, and survival skills. Young Adventure week will include an off camp trip where campers will enjoy a one hour horseback ride.

Women of RAW

July 19 to July 23

$200 For girls and young women ages 6 - 12

Women of RAW is an all female offering designed with community feedback and input to empower girls and young women to take advantage of their natural surroundings. In addition to the environmental education and just plain fun of other camps, we are partnering with Stuart's Opera House to teach music lessons all week long, and we are also having Cheryl Cesta come out to teach women's empowerment self defense.

See the Columbus Dispatch Story on Women of RAW Here

RAW Survivors Day Camp

July 26 to July 30

$200 For youth ages 8 - 17

RAW Survivors Day Camp offers all of the fun and adventure of the traditional RAW camp with a focus on survival and naturalist skills. Learn tracking, medicine making, plant and animal identification, fire starting, orienteering, traditional crafts, shelter building, and more.

RAW Splashdown

August 2 to August 6

$250 For youth ages 8 - 12

RAW Splashdown takes campers into the drink for the hottest month of the year. Classics like greasy watermelon football will come into play as well as building rafts, basic assisted rescue in the water, and much more. Also included will be a field trip to the Lake Snowden water park for fun in the sun on giant inflatables and lake shore jams.