Land Services
ecological land tending services from consultation to installation and ongoing care.

From Permaculture Designers and foresters to career Farmers and forest gardeners, we have a crew that can help you to plan and implement any size project. Whether you want to install a backyard food forest and raised garden beds or manage 60 acres for wildlife and recreation, we can help you through the process.

Send us an email about your vision, problem, or project and we will find the right consultant(s) to get you started. We offer everything from one-time site visits to full-scale ideas-to-realization project management. Email to schedule a no-cost initial phone assessment.

Land-Based Labor and Project Management
Need a helping hand tending your land or realizing your latest vision? Whether you need a custom-built sauna or assistance with invasive species removal, mowing the lawn, or installing a new pond, we have a crew of expert mentors, trained apprentices, and a network of specialists ready to pick up extra work. Email with a description of your project and needs.

Tree Plantings
We envision a thriving regional economy supported by newly planted or well-tended fruit, nut, fuel, fiber, and medicine producing trees and native plants.  Have some land to devote to a sustainable future? Let us help you get growing. We are interested in planting an orchard for you and your community, leasing land for commercial production, planting community food forests, or single trees. Please reach out with any questions:
Thanks to funding from the US Forest Service, a number of installations in Dover Township will be offered free of charge.