For Parents

Typical Day of Camp

Specific activities are determined by the theme of the week, but three morning activity rotations are generally split into environmental education, sustainable practices, movement and play.

Our hands on approach to education means that an activity which may sound dull such as sustainable practices means a child will learn to dig clay from the ground with their own two hands, make crafts such as bowls or art using collected rainwater to soften the clay, and then build the kiln their crafts are later fired in. During environmental education activities children can expect to splash through a creek overturning rocks on a salamander hunt, or net insects to drop into a terrarium for later identification and study.

During afternoon activities kids may take an extended dip in the pond on a hot day, or take a ride down our giant slip and slide. Other times there is guided meditation on our hilltop, or self defense classes.

Each week of camp has specific goals and objectives related to the theme, but the basic outline provided below describes the scheduling:

  • Check in
  • Morning Game
  • Activity Rotation 1
  • Snack (provided by RAW)
  • Activity Rotation 2
  • Activity Rotation 3
  • Lunch
  • 30 minute rest period
  • 1 hour free swim
  • Afternoon Rotation A
  • Afternoon Rotation B
  • Free play during pickup

Swimming and Water Activities

We have a main swimming pond on the property. There is a certified lifeguard on duty for all water activities, and we do a swim check at the beginning of each week to ensure that your child's ability is safe for free swim in the ponds. We provide a wrist band at the beginning of the week to campers who our lifeguard feels comfortable letting swim without a life jacket. We provide and individually fit each camper that either we require or requests a life jacket during swim times. If you have a life jacket for your child that you would like to send along, we would be happy to accommodate them so long as the jacket is USCG approved for the activity.

Drop Off / Pickup

  • Camp begins at 8:30 am.
  • Pickup is from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.

There will be a table set at the entrance to camp where we will greet campers at the beginning of each day and take role as children enter the camp. This is a great time to meet our staff and communicate anything of significance that you feel would help us better deliver an exceptional and fun experience for your child's day. Please be sure to say hi! We will have cubbies available to store personal items.

During check-out the same table will be in place. Only those listed on registration forms will be able to check out children. Please call or email ahead of time if you wish to make arrangements outside of the approved pickup names provided on the registration. This includes days your child may ride home with the parents of another camper.


Each day you will need to send your child to camp with a packed lunch. We will provide an additional morning snack, but don't forget lunch. While allergies and dietary restrictions should have been indicated in the registration form, if you have any further concerns please feel free to bring them up when you drop off your child on the first day of camp. Prior to each week of camp we will send an email detailing any restricted lunch items due to other camper allergies.

At camp, cutlery is provided, so there is no need to send your child with disposable plastic items. At the end of each meal the waste, compost, and recycling will be weighed out.

Packing List

Packing Checklist

We will be outside most of the day rain or shine: under a pavilion, in the woods, in the pond, or in the games field. Please send your child in clothing appropriate for outdoor activity. We suggest on the average day to wear:

  • Hiking/outdoor shoes (not flip flops though strapped sandals are fine).
  • Pants or shorts
  • A hat to keep off the sun
  • Simple T-shirt

Please, also bring and leave with us at the farm for the week:

  • swimming suit and towel
  • rain coat or poncho
  • rain boots or old shoes that can get wet
  • a full change of clothes, pants, shorts, underwear, socks, long and short sleeved shirt
  • jacket or hoody (in case it is cold in the morning)
  • water bottle
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent

Sunscreen is a must. We will have some sunscreen on hand, but each child having their own bottle will go a long way in preventing sun burn. We encourage campers at every activity transition to reapply, as well as before free swim. It can certainly help if you apply sunscreen before your child even arrives at camp.

Water bottles. We have a 10 gallon jug that gets refilled as soon as it empties. If campers have their own water bottle to keep on their person, it can help us keep them hydrated and cut down on water used to clean cups.

Extras if you wish: There will be some down-time after lunch for campers to hang-out and play or enjoy peace and quiet.

  • Journal
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Card Games

Upon check in on the first day, you can take your child and their belongings to drop them off on the front porch of the farmhouse.

There are cubbies in our program area that is down a large hill. Your child may choose to store large items like rain boots or changes of clothes throughout the week.

Video Games/Cellphones

Please no video games or cell phones. Children can leave cell phones in the farm house and check messages before pick-up. If you need to reach your child, please call Kent, he will have his cellphone on his person and gets service at the farm.

Contact Information

Camp Director

Carrie Vieland


For concerns about camp programming, specific daily care for your child, medications or dietary concerns please contact Carrie

Executive Director

Kent Orr


For registration and billing, approved pickup, late arrivals, and other administrative level concerns, please contact Kent Orr

Directions to the Farm


13262 Liars Corner Rd, Millfield, OH 45761 (GPS will get you here)

From Athens:

Take Columbus Rd or US 33 to St Rt 550 towards Amesville. After only a mile on 550 you will pass Performance Signs on your left. Take the next road to the left, Alderman Rd (Directly opposite the 550 park and pavilion). Follow Alderman for a few hundred yards and turn right at the first road. This is our road, Liars Corner. Follow Liars Corner for 1.4 miles up the big hill, down a little, up again and around the corner. You will then see our hoop house/green house on the right. Park in front of the hoop house and walk past the barn to our front yard. Call if you get lost (740-856-6299).

From the North:

Take 33 East to the 682/13,exit. The exit is on the left just after a sign for "Chauncey". After crossing the highway off the exit, approach the stop sign and go straight/left (not right) through the stop sign. Continue through Chauncey and stay straight past the Marathon Station (682 becomes 13). Less than a mile past the Marathon you will see the Dog Shelter on the right and then Job and Family Services. Turn left onto Sand Ridge Rd immediately across from Job and Family Services. You will see the county recycling center on the corner of Sand Ridge. Follow Sand Ridge to the very top of the ridge and turn right onto Liars Corner Rd (First road to the right). Follow Liars Corner for 0.7 miles and look for a gravel parking lot on the left hand side then our log cabin immediately after. Park in the parking lot or our driveway.