Growing Culture , Economy, and Community
rooted in relationship to our land and people

We believe that through inclusive collaboration and the daily tending our our collective home, that we can become productive, proud inhabitants of our ecosystems.  At Rising Appalachia we are dedicated to making this dream a reality through demonstration, active engagement, and reducing barriers to community participation.

To this end we are excited to offer the following services:
-Professional ecological design, installation, and land tending services for the farm, backyard or back forty.
-Engagement, education, community participation, and Culture building experiences for all ages
-Land-Based Business Incubation Apprenticeships

Let us help you grow relationships with the land through active engagement and enjoyment. With specialists in agroforestry, permaculture, natural building, place-based education, water system development, and whole systems design, we can help you to inhabit your place, grow wealth, and foster resilience through community and interconnection.

and Learning Opportunites

Solid Ground Farm
our home base and learning lab

Ecological Land Services
consultations, tree planting, project management