What We Teach

Earth Skills: At every camp RAW tries to demonstrate creative uses for renewable and sustainable natural resources. Whether it is building and firing clay pots, weaving baskets from foraged vines, or making herbal salves or natural teas, RAW encourages interaction with nature and the enjoyment of its many fruits.

Outdoor Survival Skills: From building debris shelters to learning to find and purify water, RAW strives to teach participants how to make their way in the wilderness. Campers will return home with a knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, and at various camps will learn skills such as fire starting, safety, archery, knife safety, primitive cooking, and plant and animal identification.

Movement and Music Arts: Group leaders share their skills and passions as they apply to health, fun, and personal growth. Running through the woods and climbing over designed obstacles, participants will learn to be quick and agile in mind and body. Discipline and coordination are shared through Capoeira, parkour, obstacle courses, drumming, singing, and natural art projects.

Sustainable/Natural Living: Campers will learn and enjoy practical solutions to life’s varied needs. How do I find or grow my own food/medicine/fuel? What can I use to build a house, an oven, or bed? What is there to do outside that is fun?

Who: Children ages 6-17. Each week is tailored towards the needs and skills of different age groups. You can find the age range next to the description of each camp.

When: Camps typically run Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. There are limited spots available for aftercare which runs from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at the end of each camp day. Registration for aftercare is included on the camp registration form, and costs $50 per week. The dates for each camp are in the description on the Camp Offerings page.

Where: Solid Ground Farm, 13262 Liars Corner Rd., Millfield, OH 45761