Trips and Expeditions

Tubing Trips

$25 per camper per trip

12:30 to 3:30 pm for children attending RAW Day Camps

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In 2019 RAW Camp is offering tubing trips on the Hocking River in Nelsonville to our campers.

The trip covers a placid, mile long stretch of the Hocking from Hocking Parkway to the Bike path where it intersects the river in front of Hocking College.

All campers are fitted with a life jacket and provided a sit on top float, most commonly in the form of an inflatable duck or flamingo. Trips are run by staff with watercraft experience. Before trips weather radar is checked, and our guidelines have a go or no go set based on the river gauges which can be checked at the National Weather Service website.

Amazon Warriors Canoeing


June 18-20

2 Day Canoe Trip with 1 Camp Overnight for Young Women ages 12 and up.

As a means of taking Women of RAW to the next level, the Amazon Warrior Canoe Trip is a 3 night adventure experience with a 2 day canoeing adventure on the Hocking River run by 2 female Rising Appalachia staff members with outdoor expedition and watercraft experience.

Participants will spend their first day on Dow Lake at Strouds Run learning canoeing and watercraft safety techniques. Afterwards, they will return to Solid Ground Farm for team building activities, trip planning, and an overnight at the farm. the following morning, participants will load up their gear and head out to the Hocking River North of Nelsonville for a 2 day overnight trip complete with camping out on the river bank.

The goal of these trips is to empower local girls and young women with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely head out and make use of the opportunities nature gives us for recreation and healthy lifestyles. Topics covered will include safety, navigation, expedition planning and behavior, and much more. We aim to blend the technical skills of canoeing and outdoor living with an understanding of how to integrate these skills and experiences into navigating everyday life from a position of strength and confidence.

Appalachian Warriors Canoeing


2 Day Canoe Trip with 1 Camp Overnight for Teens ages 12 and up.

We're thinking about a coed overnight trip to the Greenbriar River in West Virginia. Got some thoughts, sarcastic comments, or concerns? Shoot an email to