Night on the Farm

Ages 11 and up

Look forward to more in Spring 2020

Drop off the kids at 6pm Friday and we'll have a night on the farm out under the stars. S'mores, campfire cooking, star gazing, and capture the flag in the dark to name a few of the activities we partake in. Campers will prep and enjoy dinner and breakfast with the staff before setting up their tents and calling it a night. Come with utensils, a bowl, sleeping bag, flashlight and toiletries and we'll handle the rest.

Got somebody in mind that might want to come with your child? Refer a friend coming to a RAW program for the first time and get $20 off your child's registration for the October 25th Zombie Night.

Be sure to have your referral reference you in the registration form!

Night on the Farm FAQ

How are sleeping arrangements handled?

Sleeping arrangements will be made by age and gender. Our tents hold 4 campers, and we will split age ranges so that we are sure there are no large discrepancies in bunk mates such as 11 year old campers sharing a sleeping space with 15 year old campers.

Staff will have their own tents pitched between the genders, and in close proximity to all tents to maintain ear shot of campers at all times during the night.

What about the staffing?

RAW staff are usually picked for a guiding and adventure education background. We will have a 1:6 maximum ratio and a Wilderness First Responder present overnight. If not staffing the event, our Executive Director will be on-call and in contact with the group at all times. That contact information will be provided before the overnight via the email used to register your camper.

You said something about meals?

Sure did! In everything we do we want to educate through fun activities that build a connection to what is in this case literally the wonder in our own backyards. While we have access to a full kitchen, we will be teaching campers how to cook over campfires, in the cobb ovens, or camp stoves so they leave with a baseline knowledge of back country cooking. We'll handle dinner and breakfast, and if we're lucky breakfast will come with eggs fresh laid from the chicken coop.

My son or daughter has never spent the night in a tent, is this program appropriate for them?

Absolutely. This program is designed specifically to be a great entry into the world of camping. Being close to town and tuckered out from fun and games with friends is an excellent way to keep potentially homesick children from dwelling too much on being out for the night, and helps build positive memories associated with outdoor adventure. For those who have a working knowledge of the outdoors and experience camping, it's all about the activities and taking a leadership role showing others how to pitch a tent or lay their sleeping pad just right for a good night's sleep. Oh, and the s'mores too.

I've still got some questions!

No problem. Head over the contact us page for the phone number or email to reach out to. We're always excited to talk camp!