Girls and Young Women

Women of RAW: For girls and young women ages 6 and up (200)

June 11 to June 15, 2018; 8:30 am-3:30 pm

Women of RAW is a week of camp tailored specifically towards empowering girls and young women in the community to be confident in nature. Like any other week of RAW Camp, children will learn to foster a connection with the earth through play and education while digging up clay with their bare hands to make sculptures, learning fire building, and cooling off with a splash in the pond. During Women of RAW we will also be adding in self defense classes so that girls can grow up confident in their surroundings, as well as public speaking opportunities so that campers can find and be proud of the power in their voice. This is the first year that Rising Appalachia will be offering an all female week of camp and we are extremely excited to give the aspiring girls and young women a sense of agency in the community.

"My daughter's confidence, independence, and appreciation for getting dirty increased exponentially. She loved her time at RAW and can't wait to return. Thanks for a wonderful week!" -RAW Parent

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